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Google - Yahoo Deal
Last June Google and Yahoo announced a new agreement. Both parties announced that they will start their collaboration next October.
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Google Page Rank Update
Nearly a month ago Matt Cutts posted an article on his blog about the new Google Page rank update.
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SEO Thoughts - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most effective promotional strategies for a business to promote their website. Search Engine Optimisation is a mix of strategies for managing a website by changing both internal and external factors with the goal to increase the importance that a site receives from search engines, like Google. SEO targets to create friendly websites for the end user, the customer, and making sure that a website delivers valuable information to the consumer and the search engines. Search engine optimisation involves many aspects, and all the tecniques a manager should follow should be according to search engines guidelines.


Planning A Website - What you need to know

Read our guide of what you need to know to plan your website. With easy steps we provide a list of actions to plan a website.

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Local SEO - Increase Traffic and Brand Awareness

Local SEO is a viral marketing strategy. Applying local search engine optimisation businesses could create brand awareness and increase trafic according to geographical areas.

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